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VPSA Oxygen Generator

We manufacture VSPA Oxygen Generator with air fan and vacuum generator and have Quick and convenient start and stop. This oxygen generator has low automation and is user friendly

Industry Equipment of VPSA Oxygen Generator

  • Air Fan and Vacuum Pump
  • Temperature Regulating System
  • Adsorption System
  • Oxygen Buffer Tank
  • Control System Technical Index Oxyge

VPSA Oxygen Generator Basics

Production 100~3000Nm3/h
Oxygen Purity 50~95%
Outlet Pressure 0.015~0.05MPa (adjustable)

Salient Features

  • Quick and convenient start and stop.
  • Low investment and energy consumption.
  • High automation.
  • Simple operation and maintenance.
  • 5 Short installation period and small ground treatment workload.

Industrial Uses

  • Paper and Pulp industries for Oxybleaching and delignification
  • Glass industries for furnace enrichment
  • Metallurgical industries for oxygen enrichment of furnaces
  • Chemical industries for oxidation reactions and for incinerators
  • Water and Wastewater treatment


SAM GAS offers a variety of models from 200 to 5000 NM3/hr Oxygen capacity needs. 93% purity Oxygen produced has 2.5% Nitrogen and 4.5% Argon.